Firstly, Haidt Consider ‘Care’ As Moral Foundation. It

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Firstly, Haidt consider ‘care’ as moral foundation. It came from making vulnerable children. It builds foundation between human and would reduce the conflicts among individuals. This suggests that morality can reduce the conflicts of various culture and might enable multiculturalism more realistic. He considered care and harm but it’s not economically effective because he ignored the economic behavior of individual. “Nothing is free in today’s world; someone do need to pay for it”. The political system should be based upon economic standard because at the end of the day it is the economy which reflects standard of living. Then he considered ‘Liberty’ as moral foundation, people should have freedom from domination. It suggests that people …show more content…

When the economy demand for more workforce the number skilled immigrants increases and it demand for more capital the number of elite migrants increases (business immigrants). Then Haidt considered ‘Sanctity’ as moral foundation. It varies to object and threat. It depends on how the political system is shaped in. e.g. ‘if republican is more likely to have war and democratic is more likely to have economic deficits’. People’s behavior may override to one another. Lastly he considered ‘Loyalty’, it is based upon the believe and norm. Some people strict to certain things just because they were there. It has no connection towards the political system. Some people are always in favor of multiculturalism and some are always against it. Sometimes they don’t even have valid answers but they support or opt certain decisions of multiculturalism. Haidt’s moral foundation is to prevent harm as if its harming for long it is not morally justified. But economically it will override based upon the political system. It is not always justified to have left-right spectrum. There is always something in between it. Haidt’s moral foundation ignored those and thus always override by most political system.
However, multiculturalism in Canada allows the people to exchange what they have. Although due to rapid expansion of technology and mass media people are aware of certain things through media but “coverage of public affairs information

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