Five Elements Of Crime

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When looking at crime there are five general elements that need to be considered. First, we will consider mens rea which is the mental element necessary for a crime (Brody & Acker, 2010). To determine if there is a crime we must consider the mental state of the offender. There is no crime unless there is wrongful intent however, there is no general terminology of mens rea that fits all crimes alike. There is no single state of mind common to all crimes. The term mens rea is a far-reaching term with one single element, the intent to commit a crime; the mental element necessary to convict a person of any particular crime. It has also been loosely defined as the criminal state of mind of the person when they committed the crime (Brody & Acker, 2010). The second element to consider is actus rea or the act of committing the crime. The law does not punish a person for their evil thoughts alone (Brody & Acker, 2010). Every crime must consider two parts of the crime, the physical act, actus rea and the mental intent, mens rea. To establish the act, a lawyer must prove the offender was responsible for the crime. The offender must be proven guilty of the physical activity that harmed someone else or damaged property. However, there is also the omission of an act that involves not taking action that would have prevented an injury such as not feeding an infant. This inaction would cause death or damage to the infant (Actus Reus, 2017). There is exception to actus reus and

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