Five Themes Of Baptism, Eucharist And Ministry

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Five Themes in Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry In the Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry Document (BEM), there are five themes used to describe Eucharist. These common themes between many churches are thanksgiving, memorial, invocation, the communal aspect and eschatological future concept. These themes provide a wide context for the Eucharist meal and how the body of Christ interprets the meal from their denominational tradition. In the BEM document the Triune God is represented by thanksgiving, memorial and invocation in three themes. In this construct, God the Father is presented as the provider – the One who has provided life full of blessings. This includes creating, protecting and saving humanity. Eucharist serves as our thankful attitude toward a forgiving and loving God. In the second theme and second part of the Trinity, Eucharist serves as a memorial of the Son. As commanded to the disciples, we remember the love expressed for us. This simple supper provides intimate time with Christ as he extends presence to us. Because Christ defeated death, our status as redeemed enable direct connection with him in the meal with him as our “High Priest and Intercessor” (BEM, pg. 4 B.8). The Spirit as the third part of the Trinity and third theme makes Christ’s presence available as a response to the invocation of the people of God. The Spirit transforms the Eucharist into the signs of body and blood of Christ upon the action desired by the Father. The church invokes the Spirit…
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