Flint Mission Statement

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First settled in 1819 and later incorporated in 1855, the City of Flint is a municipal corporation. The City of Flint provides vital public services to citizens and business. The City of Flint provides fire, police, sewer and water among other services. The City of Flint mission statement emphasizes providing services in a customer friendly and fiscally responsible manner.

The city is administered by Sylvester Jones, Jr. Mr. Jones was appointed by Mayor Karen Weaver in March of 2016. The City Administrator is the most senior non-elected city official and is responsible for running the day to day operations of the city on behalf of the City Council. All other department heads directly report to the Citiy Administrator.

The City of Flint has recently made the news for
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Financial emergency management stripped City Council of many powers and included state financial oversight. Another issue the City Council has recently contended with is the water crisis. City Council is charged with the authority to make investigations into the affairs and operations of city departments by city charter. Investigations into the recent water crisis has involved considerable council…show more content…
According to the City of Flint 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) the City of Flint executive team consists of the City Administrator, City Attorney and City Clerk. The City Administrator, Sylvester Jones, Jr., is the most senior member of the City of Flint executive branch of government. The City Clerk, Inez Brown, is responsible for all transactions and business of the City of Flint legislative branch of government. The City Attorney provides legal representation and advice to both the executive and legislative branches of Flint City
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