Flooding In Venice : The Bay Of The Venetian Lagoon

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Venice is a famous city located in northeastern Italy, and is officially a UNESCO world heritage site. It is composed of 118 islands tucked within the Venetian Lagoon. The bay of the Venetian Lagoon is enclosed by the enormous Po and Piave Rivers. Centuries ago around 450 A.D, its location was selected based on the original settlers’ desires for a remote and inaccessible location. In fact, Venice’s first inhabitants were refugees that had fled after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Currently, Venice is struggling with adapting to climate change. Slowly but surely, rising sea levels will devour the city of Venice, leaving the people with an inevitable problem to solve. Often, Venice experiences severe flooding due to large incoming tides, heavy rainfall, and wind. In 1966 Venice experienced its worst flood in history. The Venetian Lagoon raised 6 feet above sea level, causing a great deal of damage to the city’s infrastructure and architectural marvels. Flooding seems to be getting worse and worse each year, which is taking its toll on the city’s masonry and foundations. It is has become so severe, that many residents of Venice have evacuated their ground floor. There is a clear link between the increase in Venice’s flooding, the melting of polar ice caps, and the warming of the ocean. The city’s sea level has raised 5 inches since the year 1900. In contrast, over the last 1000 years the city’s sea level has only raised 1 foot. Due to the recent acceleration of

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