Flowers For Algernon Character Analysis

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One of the most significant themes of Flowers for Algernon is Change in yourself changes everyone around yourself. Charlie's odyssey of growth begins from March and ends in November. Between these two months, you can spot an obvious transformation in Charlie. At the beginning of the story, despite the fact that Charlie was 37, he was not fluent in his only language, English. His progress reports all seemed structured by a second grader, and there were multiple crucial spelling mistakes. Since he wasn't intelligent as others, his co-workers mocked him. They used his name to offend people. In fact, on page 4 it says " Ernie for god sake what are you trying to be a Charlie Gordon." However, Charlie had people who complimented him for having the motivation to learn too. For Example, Ms. Kinnian, Charlie's English teacher said on page 2 that he was her best pupil.

Ms. Kinnian was also the one who changed Charlie's life. She recommended him whether he would want Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur to use him for an experiment, …show more content…

He doesn't have much spelling mistakes as he used to and is starting to learn more advanced techniques in writing such as commas. In fact, on Charlie's progress report, Ms. Kinnan states " Charlie, you're learning fast." In addition, Ms. Kinnian looked at Charlie in an unusual way. From this, I can infer that Ms. Kinnian is surprised by the rapid growth rate of Charlie's intelligence and is scared of him. According to Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss, Charlie's I.Q. which used to be 68 will soon reach over 200. Since he was getting smarter, he came up with a new way to line up the machines in the factory, which will save ten thousand dollars a year in labor and increased production. Now, his co-workers started to avoid Charlie because of his successfulness. It even says on page 9 that his co-workers had to buy some things for their wives as an excuse trying to avoid

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