Food Additives: The Reason Behind American Obesity Essay

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America, as we know it, is notorious for having the reputation as the fattest country in the world. In fact, diabetes and heart disease (which are both closely linked to the overweight and obesity problems of America) are the second causes of death in the country. According to statistics taken by the CDC in 2010, nearly 33 percent of all adult Americans are suffering with obesity. That is one out of every three adults… Partially responsible for this is food additives which have been used for thousands of years, even in prehistoric times. Our ancestors discovered that large amounts of sugar helped preserve fruit and the use of salt preserved meat and fish. The ancient Egyptians used sulfites to stop bacterial growth and fermentation in…show more content…
Nevertheless, they are still detrimental to one’s health.

One of the most serious, harmful additives is aspartame, which is more commonly known as Equal and NutraSweet; it is a neurotoxin and carcinogen that may lead to a wide variety of ailments including brain tumor. Dr. Farlow declared in an interview she had with Norma Lehmeier Hartie of Harmonious Environment that, “Almost any symptom can be a result of a food additive… Aspartame has been associated with 92 different adverse reactions…”

The FDA’s approval of safe consumption of this sugar substitute should not be taken lightly and dismissed, 85 percent of all complaints registered with the FDA are for adverse reactions to aspartame. If that was not enough to shock you, try to wrap your head around this one. In a two-year study conducted by the manufacturer of aspartame, twelve of 320 rats fed a normal diet and aspartame developed brain tumors while none of the control rats developed tumors, and five of the twelve tumors were in rats given a low dose of aspartame.(

Another is Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite. It is used as a meat preservative as well as a coloring and flavoring for hot dogs, ham, corned beef, etc.. It, too, is highly carcinogenic. Excessive nitrate or nitrite exposure can result in acute acquired methemoglobinemia, a serious health condition which causes cyanosis (blue skin) of limbs/trunk, weakness, and rapid heart rate. If
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