Food As A Culturally Diverse Language Essay

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Food as a Culturally Diverse Language
Simply stated, linguistic anthropology focuses on how language influences social interactions across all areas of learning and life. More academically stated, (Creese 2008:229) says linguistic anthropology embodies the assumptions that verbal/nonverbal language and social encounters mutually shape one another. This interdependence is reflected in the organization of how we communicate with one another based on our culture. In the article, “What’s in Your Lunch Box Today?: Health, Respectability, and Ethnicity in the Primary Classroom,” the author explores how culture plays a role in shaping perceptions on what is considered a healthy school lunch. Is what children pack in their lunchbox a reflection of parenting and how children perceive morality and a healthy lifestyle? Food practices are cultural practices; and represent a perceived relationship between national and cultural belonging (Bonnekessen 2010; Daniel 2006; Kaplan 2006). Due to these influences, it is said that Canadians’ food practices incorporate a better sense of hygiene and nutrition; because of this their food practices were more appropriate and insisted that immigrant groups adopted their practices. Therefore, using these practices to teach women immigrants the concept and understandings of hygiene and nutrition due to the belief that immigrant food practices are suspicious because of what they eat. Differences in food practices come as a shock in many cultures because

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