Food Observation Paper

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I’ve always been a big “foodie”. I’ve always enjoyed going out to eat and trying new foods. Sadly, I never thought about how the food I consumed was produced until’ I was transitioning to veganism. Watching food Inc., I observed many disturbing practices that went into the food I consumed such as: the use of minorities and undocumented workers, mass chicken farming and the conflicts of interest in food production. I also witnessed the effects of small scale farming.
The use of undocumented workers is immoral. People come to America in hopes of fulfilling the “American Dream”. Undocumented workers don’t get this opportunity. They are forced to take jobs in slaughter houses because they are in America illegally and the food companies are willing to ignore the fact. I
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The chickens could barely walk due to their engineered stature. These chickens could not roam far enough to get out of their own feces. I couldn’t understand why large companies wanted dark chicken coups. I would think that chickens would have greater morale if they would see the light of day.
Food production is flooded with people with conflicts of interest. For example, the people that are representing the United States Department of Agriculture are the same people representing the meat and dairy industry. This should be prohibited. These people are able to control conversation between each sector.
Small scales farmers were also mentioned. I am conflicted on small scale farming. I do agree that is a much healthier option that large scale farming. Small scale farmers allow animals to roams and not contaminate themselves by being in close proximity with other animals and their own feces. On the other hand, this kind of animal agriculture is not sustainable. The United states would be using more land than before. There would be an even greater demand for this kind of animal agriculture due to its health-conscious and humane
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