Essay on Food Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Today I will talk about food security in the Democratic Republic of Congo. DR Congo is an African country that consists of over 2,300,000 square kilometres (Central Intelligence Agency (US), 2013). The population in DR Congo is around seventy-five and a half million people with an average life expectancy of 56 years, a lot shorter than Australians (Central Intelligence Agency (US), 2013). The religion consists of Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslims plus some other smaller religions (Central Intelligence Agency (US), 2013). The capital city is called Kinshasa, with other large cities called Lubumbashi, Mbuji-Mayi and Kananga (Central Intelligence Agency (US), 2013). The Democratic Republic of …show more content…

In DR Congo there are two main agriculture regions, Plains of the east and the south and the eastern highlands (The Washington Post Company, 2001). In the plains coffee beans, potatoes and leeks are grown, while in the highlands tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yum and pumpkins are grow as the temperatures are cool and there is more fertile soil (The Washington Post Company, 2001). DR Congo is ranked 107th (the worst) in the world (Global Food Security Index, 2013). This ranking is produced by the lack of food affordability, food availability and more importantly the quality and safety of the food (Global Food Security Index, 2013). Every country, whether it’s DR Congo or America, have some strengths when it comes to food security. For DR Congo their strengths are agricultural import tariffs (affordability), Volatility of agriculture production (availability), and nutritional standards (quality and safety of food), just to name some (Global Food Security Index, 2013).
Some challenges that DR Congo face, in terms of food security, can be put in three sections as stated before (Global Food Security Index, 2013). In the affordability section they have problems with access to financing for farmers, Food consumption and the proportion of the population that are under the poverty line (Global Food Security Index, 2013). In the next section, availability of food, they have problems with corruption, agricultural infrastructure and

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