Food Waste Essay

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ICAM- 401
Food waste project.

Name – Ashvini Thanthrimudali
Student number- 300908825

Food waste is a world-wide issue facing the human race since the middle ages and it is a shame for human kind and for the environment. In the world, 1/3 of the annual food productions ends up in the trash. That billion tons of food is enough to feed 12% of the world population 4 times and it is billions of money simply thrown away. In North America every year each person wastes 498 of square metres of arable land. In Canada we throw away 40% of food we purchase. Canadians waste 27 billion on food for a year. The average Canadian house hold spends $7300 on food for a year. It is most because it doesn’t appeal to Canadians. Over 30% of produce …show more content…

Using all products we have, storing it better, having proper meal plans are some simple steps we can take to change this factor of food waste. As chefs, we have a huge responsibility to use our creativity and use all our abilities to minimize and prevent food waste such as using ingredients or parts of ingredients that people don’t like to make beautiful creations. We should ne able to focus on the ugly carrots and misshaped vegetables that are always rejected from people who buys goods from the stores. We should always keep track and minimize the food we throw out each day in the restaurant. We should think about the products we use and really try to make a change in this food system.
Lettuce wraps with mango slaw
Ingredients –
• Lettuce cut in the shape of cups
• Shrimp
• Peanut sauce
• Diced mango
• Diced cucumber
• Napa slaw
• Seasonings as needed

Lettuce cups with mango slaw is a personal favourite dish of mine. It is very popular in fine dining restaurants because of its nutrient value and its kind of a fancy thing to order. Most of the fine dining restaurants in Canada use iceberg lettuce for this recipe. And they cut it in a cup shape so you get cups can hold the slaw. But the rest of the lettuce is thrown away. Even for the mango slaw there are some places which they cut the mango in small and perfect dice or batons the fact that the mango is a round fruit half of that is thrown away too.
So, what can we do about it? When thinking

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