Food Waste Essay

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Through the innovation of technology, mankind has been able to create great, and extraordinary feats of nature. Taking the smallest indesirable object, then constructing it into a skyscraper or the smallest most powerful computer. Also through the process of innovation, we humans have almost completely mastered the art of mass manufacturing products making our daily needs and wants readily available to us. The food industry is one of many examples of this mass manufacturing evolution, going from food being made over campfires to being made in huge factory pumping out fathoming quantities of product. With this evolution comes the downfall of waste. Food waste is not always avoidable but in some cases, the waste is necessary as some things are not safe for consumption after undergoing certain processes. But no matter the waste product some form of use should be found for the seemingly invaluable waste product or a way to reduce unnecessary food waste. Food waste is a huge problem most Americans are completely oblivious too. According to a United States Department of Agriculture report, 133 billion pounds of food went unused in 2010. While animal products like meat and dairy being towards the top of the list, added up to $105 billion of wasted food. ( Waste Not, Want not 26) While worldwide about one-third of all food produced is either lost or gone to waste which adds up to about 1.3 Billion tons of waste. To put into a better perspective 1.3

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