Essay on Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Every movie that is written has a certain attitude to it. Some of these are intended to be laughed at and others are meant to be heartfelt. Though each movie is written with its own voice, so to speak, many have similar plots or themes. The two movies Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are two of these movies that have similarities in the themes, but not necessarily in the plots. Both of these romantic comedies have strong religious backgrounds on the woman’s side of the family and differences in culture. The main theme between these two movies is the quest for happiness and all the troubles that must be overcome to achieve it.

In the movie Fools Rush In Salma Hayek and
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Toula has been raised in a Greek home and still has not married, though all of her siblings have. In the Greek culture a woman is to marry a Greek man, have Greek babies and feed everyone in the family for the rest of their lives. Since Toula has not married she is living with her parents and working in their family restaurant. While working as a hostess she encounters Ian and falls head over heels in love with him. The problem is that he is not Greek; he is actually what her parents would consider a rebel. She hides him from her family for as long as possible, but the truth is revealed. Her family makes it known that without conversion he will not be accepted into their Greek home. He follows through and in the end they are joyful in the outcome of their lives together. They also have Greek children and Toula is able to be the ideal Greek woman.

These two movies both deal with similar issues. In both movies the women are struggling between what their hearts are telling them and what they have been raised to know their entire lives. The struggle to overcome the fact that their intended may not be accepted is one that is handled with many mixed emotions. Toula is unable to face her family and admit she is seeing Ian, while Isabel just eloped and caused family disturbances. The religions of the women differ greatly from the men, much like the cultures. Toula had been raised entirely Greek and she knew no other way to be while Ian, on the other hand, was

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