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Today is May 3, 2016, the day we take on the best team in our conference. The coach announced yesterday that I, Tyler Bush would be on the mound against the 12-0 Red Raiders. The feeling I have cannot even be explained in words. To think not one team has been within five points of defeating them is hard to believe. I don’t know whether to be excited because coach would put the ball in my hands against the Red Raiders or nervous because I do not want to be embarrassed when we lose 20-0. Now I have to sit and wait through six and a half hours of people saying “I do not want to go tonight just to get our asses kicked.”, “This games going to suck bro.”. Now I’m just horrified because everyone knows what the result is going to be.
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Our batters our having no luck against the darts that their pitcher is throwing. As we have not received a hit in the first five innings. The game was still tied 0-0, as I once again headed back out to the mound at the bottom of the fifth inning to take on the heart of the lineup. The previous four innings went smoothly with the opponent only getting four hits. My confidence level was high, three more innings and we will be walking out of here with a win. But, going through the four, five, six batters will be a major obstacle. As the game proceeds, I am getting more and more nervous every pitch.
As I released my go to pitch, I thought it would blow right by the hitter. But I thought wrong. The 6’3, 200 pounder cranked the ball down the right field line for a stand up triple. My hope in the matter of a split second went down the drain. With my confidence level at its all-time low, all I wanted to do was take a seat. I knew that was not an option. But the road is not getting easier, as the 6’3, 200 pounders brother approached the plate. I knew I had to strike him out in order to have any chance at winning this game. My second pitch of the inning, gone, out of the park. I just ruined an amazing performance by our entire team in the matter of 2 pitches. I felt as if my team lost all hope. From that point on, the game was over.
On the bus ride home, everyone was acting like their normal selves. Like we

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