Football In American Football

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First, the rich aroma of fatty fried foods wafts through the air, second loud cheers & boos surround the stadium and lastly a tingling sensation of excitement fills the body. This the stadium of American football the most toughest and brutal sport known to man, the sport where throwing simple pigskin across the field that became a favorite pastime for most people.Football in it’s origins wasn’t well respected and it was considerably feared by many Americans when football was first played on the grassy football field. The brutality of the game has lessen to a tolerable degree now in modern time, so it can be more pleasing to the public to watch, then in which lead to the sport gaining a massive fanbase in America. The sport of football and the way it's played is inspired by rugby,which was popular in European countries then rugby became interesting to play in America. So with the inspiration coming from a rough and brutal sport football did not shy away to the violence, actually that is how the sport thrives. In the 1900s football gain some popular in collegiate sports with powerhouses Harvard, Yale, and Princeton leading the college football to prominence. Though people weren’t really in love with these colleges letting college students play the sport, for a credible reason that the sport was still young and underdeveloped. Players were dying from being injured while playing as football didn’t have structure rules that it has now. A prominent example is the The “Flying
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