Football Is A Popular Sport Essay

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Football is a game that has a major impact on the fans, cities, and history of multiple teams and organizations. Many can connect to the game on an emotional basis and that is why football is such a popular sport today. There have been a lot of people that have contributed to this sport from the beginning to today’s time. They have helped create a basis for the game (rules, field length, field goal size, etc.), decide how to crown a champion, and start organizations to help athletes. There have also been multiple coaches that have played major roles in leading their team and progressing the game to what it is today. While coaches play an important role, there are also individual games that have shaped the way the game is played along with the rules. Each of these things have been key and instrumental in progressing the game through time while building one of the most beloved and popular sports of today’s time, and Football is a game that will have a long future ahead of it. Before talking about where football came from one must first look at what sport it evolved from. When the sport first began it was similar to rugby, which had been around for quite some time at that point. Football began to evolve through time to an extent that it is being played in public schools across the country and also gaining a worthy following. Then came along Walter Camp, the football coach at Yale from 1888-1892 and Stanford from 1892-1894. While Camp attended Yale he actually played
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