Football Is America 's Past And Present Time Essay

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Football is America’s past and present-time, however, due to the findings of new research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the NFL must find ways to increase player safety. C.T.E. is a brain disorder caused by long-term, repetitive head trauma that is “now associated with such things as dementia, depression, memory loss, and lack of impulse control.” For decades the long-term affects of contact sports remained unknown and not until retired players began to express the problem has awareness for the issue increased. The NFL has made dramatic changes to the requirements for equipment — such as helmets — and to their rules to increase safety, however, are these changes decreasing the sport’s hidden affects on players mental health? Countless studies have been conducted over this issue and the affects of sub-concussive contact are illustrated in several of these research studies. Although the NFL changes rules and equipment requirements in an attempt to increase the safety of their players, it remains difficult to determine whether these changes will decrease the long-term affects of football as they appear in retired players and research on sub-concussive contact. In the articles The Future of Football and The Long-Term Game: An Analysis of the Life Expectancy of National Football League Players, the authors discuss this exact issue but take different approaches in how they appeal to logos. Both articles depend on an effective appeal to logos in order to disprove the

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