For Colored Girls Essay

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For colored girls (FCG) is Tyler Perry’s adaption to Shange’s first and most acclaimed, theater piece. Shange’s original work was not so much of a play with an ongoing plot; rather, it consist of a series of emotional poetic monologues accompanied with dance movements and music. Shange called her work a “choreopoem.” The original work by Shange and Perry’s adaption deal with black feminism and what it means to be a black women living in America. The poems deal with love, abandonment, domestic violence, rape, and abortion, embodied by each woman's story. The end of the play brings together all of the women for "a laying on of hands," in which Shange evokes the power of womanhood.…show more content…
Many black feminist felt that Perry would goof it up and turn it into another Madea movie cash cow. One article even stated that Oprah Winfrey, didn’t even want him to make the film. Now I’ve learned that even Tyler’s close pal Oprah Winfrey did not want him to make the film version of the iconic 1975 play by Ntozake Shange. And that her reaction echoed the outrage of many black females along the lines of, “How dare you!” because the storyline is profoundly their story, not any man’s, and especially not his. (Nikki Finke, 2010). Many black feminist were outrage because Shange’s work is a landmark to black feminism and African American Literature. People were also skeptical because prior to the release of the film, Tyler Perry, had only done African American romantic comedies. Essentially, nobody thought he would be able to “stick to the script” and produce a film with such a strong relatable message. Real recognizing real. FCG is relatable to women of color because their stories are universal to black women. Their stories are my stories. FCG gives a small voice to women who struggle with the color of their skin. Being alive and being a woman is all I got, but being colored is a metaphysical dilemma I haven't conquered yet. (For Colored Girls, 2010) Ever since I realized there was someone called a colored girl, or an evil woman, a bitch, or a nag, I've been trying not to be that, and leave
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