For My Case Analysis, I Will Be Focusing On Some Of The

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For my case analysis, I will be focusing on some of the mythical aspects of the Buddha’s life as I believe mythology can be very useful to gaining psychological insight. In the mythical realm, Siddhartha Gautama was named Buddha by Buddha Dipankara, who was also once a Buddha on Earth. This is parallel to the Brahmin who told Siddhartha Gautama’s father that he was to one day become a great ruler or a great sage. I believe this is symbolic of the universal truth, as above so below. What is happening in the esoteric realm in happening in the earthly realm. What is happening in the mind, is happening in reality. Siddhartha grew up peaceful and pampered, as his father made all attempts to keep him from pursuing life as an ascetic. He …show more content…

He sent a messenger back to the palace to tell the King that he had not left out of anger but to seek truth. He rationalized his abandonment of his family by stating that he would have had to part ways with his family eventually, due to the impermanent nature of existence. Siddhartha then joined a hermitage, where he learned both philosophical knowledge and meditation techniques. He soon became equal to his teacher in knowledge and technique. He was unsatisfied. Mastering the knowledge and techniques of this hermitage did not lead him to the state of perfect enlightenment he was seeking. Nevertheless, he persisted. He joined another hermitage. He acquired all the knowledge there had to be gained, only to be met with the same disappointment. He ventured off into the forest, finding a little spot for himself to sit and contemplate. As he was making himself comfortable, he came across a small group of beggars, who asked to be his students. He agreed. He started to practice very difficult yogas and meditations, since nothing else he had learned had worked for him. He tried to destroy all his thoughts and stop his breathing. These didn’t work. He looked and felt as though he was dying, not reaching enlightenment. He thought perhaps a stricter diet would help him on his path to enlightenment. He became so thin and emaciated that his stomach touched his back. Yet, he

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