For The Past Two Decades, Canadian Population Is Increasingly

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For the past two decades, Canadian population is increasingly diverse and multicultural by the huge wave of newcomers who will adopt and immerse different “cultural practices” in contributing to the national development (Parent & Clydesdale, 2016). Canada is also one of the first countries in the world that has issued multicultural official policy since 1971. The concept of multiculturalism is referred to academic views about the equality and respect for variant cultures, religions, races and behaviours within a country. This term has been used to form Canadian identities and strengths for almost a hundred and fifty years. It is essential to make sure that all citizens acknowledge both similarities and differences in Canadian diverse …show more content…

Educators in an intercultural classroom need to support and allow the other children in the class to explore these cultural routines. It creates feelings of pride and cultural identity to young children after sharing important aspects of their home with their friends and teachers at school.
Moreover, teaching multicultural diversity in preschool ages increase children’s awareness, appreciation and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures. It means that children with different needs are giving opportunities to participate in the general education curriculum based on their ages and grades. Those children are not separated by classrooms, but rather the curriculum and the rooms are conformed to meet their needs. Research shows that children are capable of understanding differences and abilities of surrounding people at the very early ages (Perlman, Kankesan, & Zhang, 2010). Therefore, a program, which fully regards to multiculturalism, allows children to explore varying cultures and create opportunities for them to recognise that even when people have various customs and traditions, they often share some similar characteristics as well. The ability to function compatibly and efficiently in a multicultural society is also promoted throughout a multicultural program. It is obvious that children are able

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