For The Second Paper Topic, I Will Touch Upon The Media

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For the second paper topic, I will touch upon the media issue of censorship and how the effects of censorship on the public and how its history has changed the way the world is ran as well as the current state of censorship. Censorship; something that has been prevalent in society since the beginning of news, media, and all other forms of mass communication. When I say censorship, I am referring to the suppression of free speech, public communication or any other information that could be perceived as harmful, objectionable or politically incorrect as determined by the government, media outlets, authorities and so on. Censorship impacts virtually every kind of media. Words are censored on television programs much like how websites are…show more content…
There was also censorship in WWII, mainly focusing on military security, though anything depicting the enemy as human was surely censored. This war had less censorship than previous wars (Abo, 2017). Another media that has been affected by censorship is the radio. The radio was feared by the government in its early stages of life. They feared the amount of power this new media could obtain on the public that they began to promote a monopoly radio network, excluding and essentially attempting (and succeeding) in ending the small non-profit stations. Most of these stations that the government felt unsettled by ended up giving up or joining NBC (Abo, 2017). The issue with censoring is that the news, films, radio shows, etc. are all being limited to what the public can get informed on. Whether it be moral depictions in movies, real updates on what the current state of wars are and so on. Not all censorship is negative – there are some specific things that people should not see (i.e. children) but societies being deprived of information they are entitled to is what causes some censorship to become an issue. The current state of censorship today is still very strong and in all forms of media that it started out in and more. The government(s) today controls everything that we see, hear, connect to and arguably think about within our country and around the world. As the technological determinism changed, the
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