Forced Interrogration

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In this essay will be talking about how forced arbitration is forced onto people whether it be willingly or unbeknown to them. Which in result has made and opportunity for companies to misbehave and abuse of customers in the financial field knowing that they would not be able to be taken to court. As a result, some people have had a decision to ban forced arbitration. And although the ban could help those in need it could take away from others such as employees that need single person actions rather than class actions. And what that the outcome should be the ban to help those that currently need it. In this article it talks about arbitration and how it should be handled. The reasons for this argument started with the fact…show more content…
In this article it states that Andrew Pincus claimed to congress that the result of the ban on arbitration would mean the end of it (Pope,2016). Because of the decline of arbitration, it would be harder for employees who have been wrongly fired to take legal action without class action. Class action is when a law suit is served to a company by similar people who have received the same damage, which would be harder for employees. in the article it says that Jason Johnson argues that this action would only benefit Lawyers to specialize in class actions (Pope,2016). But some disagree that such actions will actually hinder arbitration since companies have a choice of getting in an arbitration case, but don’t really want to because all they care about is not getting lawsuits…show more content…
This is because people should not have to suffer from these sort of things, actions that we think are common in this time and day. And shed some light on the wrong doings of financial companies because we don’t really know what is going on. This is because forced arbitration is not acknowledged in public because it is all held in private and secrecy (Pope,2016). Because, of this secrecy who knows that is happening right now and how many people have been affected or what they have gone or going through at this
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