Forced Labor And Sex Trafficking

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than not people are falling more victim to labor trafficking than sex trafficking (“Major Forms of Trafficking in Persons”, 2008) There are certain major forms of trafficking in persons that make up the biggest percentage, that being of forced labor, sex trafficking, child exploitation for commercial sex and tourism, and forced child labor are just to name a few. Forced labor occurs when businesses take advantage of their employees usually through cracks in law enforcement where they can exploit their employees (“Major Forms of Trafficking in Persons”, 2008). Workers in these businesses are subject to vulnerability in forced labor because they fear unemployment and the poverty and conflict it may bring. Among the most common abuse reported throughout labor trafficking is that these employees are being paid less than they are usually promised when they first start (“Major Forms of Trafficking in Persons”, 2008). Often their pay is regulated and are threaten with violence if they don’t conform to their rules which may include having all their activity controlled, living on work sites and being forced to work more hours than they are paid for. According to CCN Money, these businesses cut corners in any way they can when it comes to paying these employees, they take out taxes, supplies, housing, food, health care which they never provide and paperwork or immigration status “fees” (Sahadi,2014). After all these deductions the amount of money left over is not enough to help the

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