Forced to Choose Between Morals and Society in The Puritan Dilemma by Edmund S. Morgan

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Within the book "The Puritan Dilemma", Edmund S. Morgan writes about the people who were forced to pick between their morals and their societies. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were banned since they had refused to accept the Puritan rules, and John Winthrop believe he could not continue in a country where the church remained tainted. The Puritan Dilemma indoctrinated the people, claiming we are all sinners other than the puritans. Everyone is sin and Puritans are saintly. Starting with John Winthrop, a man who was stubborn and strict in the manner he worshipped God, and devoted his life. Making it known that nothing will stray his faith towards him and heaven. His neighbors and people he met were awfully extravagance, making it …show more content…

John Winthrop left peacefully, leading a newer and better colony of his own. Anne Hutchinson left quietly, avoiding additional problems and departed to Rhode Island, continuing her faith. Roger Williams withdrew his members within the Puritan church. Finding it easier and less risky than being associated with the church of the old world. In Morgan's Puritan Dilemma, Puritans actually somewhat provided opportunity for the British population in the early American history. They established a purely religious society. Puritanism created both loyal supporters and critics. In most people's opinions in the world now days, we may believe that puritans were evil brainwashing crazy people but I do have an open mind and I could somewhat agreement with the things they have done. It had a good start but a mad ending, people should be able to have their opinions but they were just keeping control over the people to keep a good an healthy relationship with the lord. Yes, in the end, killing and exiling people because they want to be human and just do things is a wrong way to do it but if it's not working out then do exactly what these three have done and walk away. Create another life elsewhere and keep doing what you believe in. Everyone has their own believes and we are the world we are now because people never gave up on their goals, dreams and opinions. Puritans were no way right but when you think about it they had somewhat of a good outlook on it and in the end

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