Ford Pinto Case General Description Essay

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Ford Pinto Case General Description White Collar Crime, known by many as a form of crime that is greatly overlooked throughout the criminal justice system, has proven itself time and time again to be just as dangerous and damaging to those affected as all other crimes combined. There have been many cases throughout our nation’s past that have not only scarred, but ended hundreds of lives as a result of White Collar Crime. One in particular, is the popularly known Ford Pinto Case. The constant want for more, more money, more product, more success, by many top corporation leaders throughout the United States, has resulted in deathly consequences, in which those responsible receive very little repercussions for. In pursuit for these great things, Ford Motor Company was willing to anything necessary to remain at the top of the auto industry. As stated in the article, Case: The Ford Pinto, throughout Detroit, home of Ford Motor Company, worry had quickly turned to panic as Japanese and German subcompact vehicles began to take over the market (Shaw & Berry, 2001). Due to Ford’s relentless desire to stay competitive with the many other successful car companies throughout the world, the decision was made to create the Ford Pinto, in hopes of giving them the edge they needed. Little did buyers know, the creation of this vehicle would be the cause of several deaths and injuries as a result of Ford Motor Company’s willingness to do anything necessary in order to generate more revenue

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