Foreclosure Crisis : A Foreclosure Disaster

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I was raised up in Mississippi that mean, when it comes to real estate there was a major foreclosure disaster. Since I can remember my household has constantly in some form involved in real estate, I have seen first-hand the real estate increase and decrease over and over again. Therefore, I believe in the saying that like my pops always say “what goes up must come down”, particularly considering the recurring environment of the real estate market, for us the understand current overwhelming foreclosure disaster, keep from being unemployed or not making any money and we must first understand the financial consequences that foreclosures have on our whole economy.
Since the Great Depression the United States haven’t underwent such an …show more content…

We all have hit some form of unemployment such a temp job and company you’re working for goes bankrupt. That why my parents at this time in their lives were looking at every avenue to increase and stimulate the market, for the foreclosure could perhaps stop.
I started working in real estate when I was in high school, showing properties with my parents. They gave me the responsibility of telling buyers the ins and outs of every house I showed with my parents. So in fact they were grooming me to take over the family business and I was up for the challenge. After doing this full time during my summer vacation I finally realize that this job was not for me, because of the standstill of the market, after having two houses that were very beautiful and did not sell for 9 months.
Unemployment is one of the main financial complications in America today. Individuals who are measured as unemployed if the individuals is looking for work or laid off for more than a week. There are numerous diverse details why an individual could be jobless. Three of those causes are cyclical, structural and seasonal unemployment. The administration tries to find answers in order to decrease unemployment by making up guidelines.
First is

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