Foreign Control : The Domestic Dilemma With Immigration Control

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Zach Smith Nicole Lambert SOCY 1021-004 08 December 2017 The Domestic Dilemma with Immigration Control There is a current problem with the way illegal immigration is handled in the United States, the outcome exposes the American people to crime that otherwise could be prevented. Whether or not illegals commit more crime could effortlessly be answered by requiring states to note the number of prisoners who are here illegally. However, any thorough examination disclosing the distribution of illegal aliens participating in unlawful behavior could annihilate American endorsement for reprieve. Since government data covering illegal migrant crime is nearly absent, many keen in determining these facts must turn to supplementary statistics. Now for all it amounts to, illegals are criminals. When one crosses the border they are undoubtedly committing a crime. Furthermore, 75% of illegals consistently carry out criminal behavior through perjury, forgery, identity theft, and Social Security fraud. Even the most avid of amnesty supporters acknowledge that illegal aliens consistently commit these offenses (Ramos 2017). Upon a casual revision of reports and titles, one might conclude it is irrefutable that illegals perpetrate fewer crimes than native, United States citizens. A closer analysis at the phrasing and methods that these articles use is crucial. To depict this, an examination of a frequently mentioned report, by Business Insider, is required. Business Insider begins with the

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