Foreign Language In English

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It’s the seventh grade. Next year, the entire class of students would be required in incorporate a foreign language into their curriculum. Would it be Italian, French, Spanish, or German? Most chose Spanish because a majority of upperclassmen thought it was “easy”. For some people, they chose Italian simply because of the fact that most of their family spoke it, and they wanted to be able to interact with them in the way they were most used to. Others in school would pick French because it would help with ballet pronunciations and understandings. But are Italian and French the best second languages to learn for other people? Many may be wondering, “What are the most useful secondary languages I should learn?” English speakers should find a language that is commonly spoken in many countries, and can potentially help them get ahead in the field they desire. One would want to pick a common language, so when faced with interaction with a non English speaker, they can still have and maintain conversations. Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic are the most useful second languages to learn because they are commonly spoken around the world, can be learned relatively easily, can help to land people jobs, and can provide insight among a variety of cultures. There may be some English speakers who argue that there is no need to learn a second language. While it is true that multiple countries speak English, not all places in the world do. According to The Telegraph, countries such as

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