Foreign Policy And The Middle East

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Chapter 16 focuses on American foreign policy and what it entails. Foreign policy of the United States determines how we interact with other nations and also the standards or guidelines for these interactions. Foreign policy is designed to protect America and ensure our safety both domestically and globally. There has been an ongoing struggle involving American foreign policy in the Middle East and specifically the war on terrorism. Conflict in the Middle East has been at the top of the American Foreign policy agenda for the past 50 years. As mentioned in the book, the greatest threats to U.S. security currently are the Middle East and North Korea. This ongoing battle is constantly being talked about on the news and in the newspaper. Politicians all feel differently on how we should approach the issue and it is often debated and criticized. The president of the United States sits at the center of foreign policymaking and determines how we proceed with certain situations. There is always conflict and destruction in the Middle East in terms of war and it requires constant attention to Americas foreign policies. The region is currently dealing with ISIS and officials are still trying to figure out an approach to properly handle it. We have been fighting in the Middle East since 9/11 in order to fight terrorism and prevent the development of weapons of mass destruction. Personally, I feel like there is lack strategy when it comes to dealing with the Middle East. There is no…
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