Forensic Databases Have Grown With Our Advancements In

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Forensic databases have grown with our advancements in technology that law enforcement uses a forensic DNA database that uses a method called, familial matching. Familial DNA searching looks for partial matches that can not only match the suspect’s DNA, but the suspect’s family line. This is unlike the typical DNA database that law enforcement has used for years. For that DNA database makes an exact match between the suspect of the crime and his or her DNA sample. Familial DNA searches have been found to be beneficial to Police and Criminal Investigators, and Crime Analysists. However, the practice of familial searching has been claimed to go against our civil liberties and rights. In addition to being used for racial profiling because …show more content…

When the couple left the restaurant, the investigators took the drinking cups from where they were eating to obtain DNA traces. The Analysists and investigators could match the DNA results to the DNA that was collected from the victims, but they could not rule out which O’Leary was responsible because the DNA only showed that it could have been O’Leary or his brother who committed the rapes, or that both siblings could had been responsible.
Opponents argue that familial DNA searches invades their constitutional right of privacy under the Fourth Amendment. In addition, to being subjected to same equal burdens that convicted offenders would endure. For instance, people whose only fault is having the misfortune of being biologically related to the convicted offender. The innocent suspect would be burdened with a criminal investigation which can disrupt their lifestyles, such as disrupting their work and family relationships. Frederick Bieber, an authority on familial DNA searches and a medical geneticist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston argues that, “There’s no conflict between developing an investigative lead and protecting the privacy and dignity of individuals” (Ed. Louise I, 1). Basically, law enforcement must consider the interests of the innocent family members when they are investigating crimes.
In addition, the criminal justice system must avoid using racial disparities when using

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