Use of Mrs. Tobins’s DNA in the Murder of Amanda Christopher

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Use of Mrs. Tobins’s DNA in the Murder of Amanda Christopher
DNA comparisons are crucial when investigating crimes. Amanda Christopher’s home had a significant amount of forensic evidence behind that has yet to be determined. The Supreme Court has analyzed the issue as to whether or not use storing and using DNA was considered constitutional. Although, Pennsylvania is silent on the issue, several states have seen the need for the use and storage of DNA that is obtained of arrestees charged of serious crimes, such as felonies and sexual offenses. Analyzing both the federal and other states provides some guidance as to whether or not the use of previously obtained DNA is constitutional.

Questions Presented:

1. What is the standard for using previously obtained DNA from an unrelated arrest for a current investigation?

Answer: Depends on the state. Few states allow the storage and use of an arrestee’s DNA in certain criminal proceedings. Most states, including Pennsylvania, limit the storage and use of DNA to those who were convicted.

2. Can the police use DNA collected at the time of the arrest of Mrs. Tobin from the jewelry store incident for comparison of the DNA found at Amanda Christopher’s home? Answer: Maybe. Pennsylvania Discussion of Current Law:
The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees all persons the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures . Federally, taking a sample of a person's

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