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When i grow older an ideal career would be a Forensic Technicians. Forensic Technician aids criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence. Many technicians specialize in either CSI (crime scene investigation) or laboratory analysis. Most forensic science technicians will devote lot of time in their careers writing reports running tests and working at crime scenes. It is important for today's youth to to understand the education and training, requirements,skills,or talents needed to succeed in your career in life to make the decision of what you want to be in your life.
I Chose a Forensic Scientist, Forensic Scientists aid police departments by helping to collect evidence and reconstruct crime scenes.After collecting evidence
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They tend to spend a lot of time in the the field taking photographs and bagging things used for their research while also making artistic sketches and and “portraits” of the crime scenes or areas of animal poaching.While all of this may seem easy or a load of work to some they also have to write an astounding amount of reports for the crimes they investigate. When they work in the field of criminal investigation if there is a homicide they have to take blood samples and do lab work to try and figure out who it belongs to and if there's any blood samples of a stranger.

This Career makes a national average of a annual salary of $52,703-$78,856.96 per year at $27.08 an hour. The initial pay of of a Forensic scientist starts at $20 and can go up to $30+. According to the (“Forensic Science Tech Summary”) the pay goes up by experience and time devoted to your career and department. So the more experienced you are the more your pay increases.Some similar careers. For example a Biochemist or physicist make around $82,000 a year. Biochemists study organisms and conduct research and experiments. While physicists study physics in depthly and its

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