Forensic Science Career Research Paper

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I’ve always heard that the hardest majors are STEM majors, and that they require a lot of time and dedication. Of course, I chose to become apart of the STEM program. However, I was not scared because my love for math and science is incredible. I am majoring in chemistry. I once was very uncertain about what career I wanted to pursue, but after many years I am more than sure what I want to do. With my Bachelor’s degree I plan to become a forensic scientist. I pondered on many careers before I decided on forensic science.

Forensic scientists are important to the world of justice. Forensic scientists are tasked with the collection, preservation, and analysis of scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. An important aspect
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So that I have a law enforcement background. My whole family is the police in Chicago, generations of officers. So that will not be hard to get in. After I am well into my career I want to eventually work for the FBI, and become a detective.

My sophomore year in high school is what made me serious about pursuing this career. I had thoughts about forensic science before then, but it furthered my love for science. Growing up watching crime solving shows also played part in why I want to pursue a career as a forensic scientist. My senior year in highschool I took a forensic science class, and that is what made me sure that was the career I wanted. I think that it is truly interesting, and I enjoy it.

After further research I learned that a forensic scientist needs a degree in a natural science such as biology, chemistry, or in forensic science, or biochemistry. When applying to colleges most did not offer or have a major in biochemistry, but all had general chemistry and biology. Central State was a school that did not have biochemistry, but after further research I learned that there was something for me here. I learned that the school offered a major in chemistry, and after completion of the chemistry courses I could minor in forensic science. However, with a chemistry degree I would be qualified to work in any crime laboratory in the United States. Many undergraduates will get a degree in a natural science and go on to get a master’s in forensic
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