Foreshadowing In Lord Of The Flies

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Ralph “lost himself in a maze of thoughts that were rendered vague by his lack of words to express them.” Ralph is shown to be an inexperienced leader as his thoughts are compared to being lost in a maze. The author implies that Ralph’s young age and education left him inexperienced and struggles during tense situations. The folds on Ralph’s clothes were “stiff like cardboard.” Ralph noticed this because of the “new mood of comprehension.” The author implies that Ralph gained more experience based on the events that happened causing him to be more perceptive. Furthermore, Ralph discovered how poorly the boys were cooperating and how their conditions could have been better if they were all responsible. The children on the island are more focused on self-entertainment, rather than survival. Ralph learned that he needed “drop words like heavy stones”…show more content…
Evil is often referred as darkness which grows during the night and the assembly Ralph called was late, so the children were also in the dark. The author implies that in darkness, it is more likely for anger and conflict to occur rather than during the day because the savagery is drawn out by a cover of darkness. Ralph’s attention was attracted to the “glimmering conch” that “jigged up and down”. The use of imagery shows the importance of rules and regulations as unlike before, Jack didn’t care whether or not he had the conch. Ralph realized that their system was crumbling apart as rules no longer mattered to Jack. The author implies that the conch was representative democracy on the island and soon it no longer had meaning. Jack was “breaking the rules” and according to Ralph, “rules are the only thing we’ve got!” The conch symbolized democracy and authority, which is now being defied by
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