Foreshadowing In The House Of Usher Analysis

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An example of foreshadowing in the "House of Usher", a story from "eight Tales of Terror", by Edgar Allen Poe, is Ushers sudden interest in an odd religion. "His chief delight, however, was found in the perusal of an exceedingly rare and curious book... I could not help bu thinking of the wild ritual of this work..."(page 112) With the resent death of Ushers sister, Lady Madeline, the reader can infer that Usher is trying to do something to her corpse. What the reader does not know is what Usher will do to her body. The reader could make many different predictions. Usher could have done something to Lady Madeline's body to see how the illness effected her, or he could have tried to bring her back to life. The reader can be lead to think that

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