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Everybody wants to be perfect. People want to have control of their lives, yet life does not work that way. In the short story, “Pancakes,” Joan Bauer wrote about, Jill, the main character, controlling her work at a pancake house. One Sunday when Jill was working, a group of tourists arrived at the pancake house. Jill was the only waitress working so she had to balance her “perfect” work as customers come in. Jill tries to do her “perfect” way, but with customers in and out of the restaurant, the stress she has makes her fail at being perfect. The author’s overall argument in "Pancakes" is that it is impossible to be perfect through the use of foreshadowing, simile, and the first-person-point-of-view. Sometimes, life does not go as one expects. Bauer used foreshadowing for predictions, to what Jill had said about her life on how she always has control of it. Jill explains to the readers about her work day on how it usually goes like and explains why it is good to have control in life. Jill adds herself to the reason why she wants everything to be in her control because of her experience so far, “I never lose control” (83). Jill tells readers that she never lost control of her life because she always used her perfect ways to manage her life. The reason why the author says this is to foreshadow was to have a prediction that Jill will lose control later on in the story. The foreshadowing had told us that she never loses control, but yet at the end of the story she gets overwhelmed. The control she had on her job, can not be controlled without help from another person. Foreshadowing helps the reader have predictions on how Jill could not control her life, even if she tried, and also using similes can help a reader see what Jill feels like. Being perfect is impossible to handle so Bauer uses similes to describe Jill in how she handles her life. To have descriptive images, Bauer used similes to describe Jill when she is working to make readers understand how being perfect is like. When Jill was explaining how her job goes like in a day, she used her memory to tell the readers. The author had used a simile to how Jill acted, “... watching my station like a hawk, keeping the coffee brewing, getting the pancakes

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