Forgetting Sarah Miles

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Sarah Miles is a woman, and so it is by definition that she is very difficult to understand. Peeling away the many layers that is Sarah Miles, one will uncover a confusing pile of layers that involves countless affairs with other men, a loveless marriage, and a scandalous relationship with a man who enjoys coddling her breasts in church, among other things. To other women, specifically the wives, Sarah is the one to look out for, as she has been graced with a beauty that would make any man ‘put a ring on it’. A notable confirmation of this sentiment against Sarah is at her funeral, when her death left every wife feeling safer. Though not the most ideal situation for Sarah, this undeniable disdain that the rest of the female population felt towards Sarah was not cause for her feelings of isolation and aloofness from society. As the novel progresses, Sarah is revealed as a dynamic character who undergoes conversions that cause her to reevaluate, not just herself, but her relationship with others and eventually come to terms with the role of God in her life. One of Sarah’s greatest moment of internal struggle is when she convinces herself that she is nothing but a bitch and a fake. After all that she has been through and all that she has done, Sarah finds it hard to believe that anyone could love who for who she really is. “In this bitch and fake where do you find anything to love?”(Greene 81). She does not understand how someone like Bendrix could look at her and still find

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