The Character Of Sarah Develope From The Film Labyrinth ( Jim Henson )

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How does the character of Sarah develope due to those surrounding her in the film labyrinth?

“A complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one 's way; a maze:” (Oxford Dictionaries:2017)

In the 1986 fantasy/action film Labyrinth (Jim Henson:1986) The plot closely follows the story of the protagonist Sarah in this coming of age film. The story follows Sarah on her quest to find her younger brother Toby, who has been kidnapped by the Goblin King, Jareth. Sarah is introduced to a variety of fantasy creatures on her travels through the Labyrinth.(Wikipedia 2017). A few of which assist her on her quest. I am going to analyse how the characters in, labyrinth impact Sarah 's character development.The …show more content…

Throughout the first act of the film, just by being introduced to Sarah 's family the audience can see that Sarah is a stubborn and selfish character. However, as Sarah is first implied as being elaborate and mean we also see Sarah 's considerate side come out as she begs the Goblin King to give Toby back to her.
The first character from the labyrinth Sarah is introduced to is the Goblin King Jareth himself, who is the antagonist in the film. Jareth takes Toby as he believes this is what Sarah wants.

Throughout the film we see that Sarah is drawn to the character of Jareth, however she also shows annoyance towards the character. We see she initially has an connection to Jareth at the start of the film as she 's reading the book. Jareth gives Sarah the opportunity to grow courage and heroic characteristics throughout the film. He does this by taunting her. We see that Sarah 's character develop as she gains courage and becomes heroic in the last act when she defeated Jareth. Jareth says at the beginning of the second act when they are both outside the labyrinth “Go back to your room, play with your toys." When Jareth says this, it suggests Sarah is childish. However this can also be perceived as Jareth taunting Sarah into taking up his challenge of the labyrinth. We then see Sarah pluck up the courage to follow out this challenge.

Another example of Jareth testing Sarah is when he makes Hoggle give Sarah the peach. Sarah eats the peach

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