Forgiveness Found in Poetry, Drama, and Fiction

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Posed to reflect upon the three units of study this semester, consisting of Poetry, Drama, and Fiction to ascertain which genre is the most significant in influencing me, I am perplexed to choose only one. Remarkably, I found in each of the genres explored insightful and supportive content from each unit that has enabled me to hone in and accept my humanity as a parent. Connecting with characters from each genre brought about a significant awareness and sensitivity. Regardless of geographical location, date in time, structure of society, gender, race, or age, it is refreshingly evident in the midst of all the contrasts there is a commonality; we are all imperfect humans. Each genre enhanced my credence of making mistakes as we go through this journey of life, it is clear we struggle not only as humans but more significantly, for this reader, as parents. Parents attempt do what is felt to be right for their children with well-meant intentions. Unfortunately, this sometimes becomes more of a learning process for the parents involving mistakes for which we need forgiveness. At times greater mercy is required when our flawed human nature is revealed by our mistaken repetition of the mistake, which can create a greater burden adding regret. I find myself sympathetically identifying with these characters, as they too walk the bumpy road of when your best isn’t good enough. Frequently while reading I found myself thinking or muttering “I am not alone!” or “It isn’t just

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