Forms Of Pop Culture

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There are many forms of pop culture seen throughout society. Many people see pop culture in different forms. Some may see pop culture in a comic book series or on social media platforms. There are some things that people do not feel should be considered being a part of pop culture. Everything has a meaning, within the meaning of the object is some form of art seen by others. Pop culture encompasses a variety of work with different styles of art. Any form of art can be considered being a part of pop culture. Pop culture itself is a form of art. There are different forms of art when it comes down to pop culture. Though, there are many forms of art, some people tend to feel that they do not belong in the pop culture category. Comics at one time were not considered to be a form of art. According to Douglas Walk, “Comic culture couldn’t have attracted as many people as it’s attracted” (Walk 570). The quote shows that comics were not always as popular as they are now. People would not have come to fact that comics could possibly be considered as art. People see art in different ways. Not everyone sees art the same. Pop culture has bought about many ways of seeing different forms art. For instance, Susan Willis’ “From Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World” shows that Disney World shows many forms of art throughout the theme park. Disney World itself, if a form of art. According to Willis, “Nothing is left to the imagination or the unforeseen” (Willis 587). You
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