Forshadowing In Joan Aiken's 'The Third Wishes'

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In the short story, The Third Wish, by Joan Aiken, a lonely man named Mr.Peters comes across a struggling swan. After freeing him, he turned into a little green man who granted him 3 wishes. Mr.Peters used one of his wishes to get a wife, and saved the others in case something went wrong. By using mood and foreshadowing to create a theme that Making wise and smart decisions can save you, he also used another two, round and indirect characterisation, to show a second theme that being a rude and selfish rude person never goes well in the end. Aiken uses foreshadowing and indirect characterization to portray a theme that being a selfish and rude person never goes well in the end. Aiken used foreshadowing in The Third Wish to convey a theme that being a selfish and rude person never goes well in the end. In the beginning of the short story, Mr.Peters was granted three wishes after freeing a swan from a thorn bush. The swan then turned into a little man. This was who granted Mr.Peters the wishes and he warned him that people always use the wishes for selfish endeavors, it always ended in catastrophe. Mr. Peters, already knowing he was going to be smart with his wishes claimed that, “He knew very well that the gift of three magical wishes was one which brought trouble more often than not.(...) He decided to use his first wish and keep the other two in case of emergency.” (Mr.Peters pg 56) These few sentences tell the reader that he is going to use his wishes wisley instead of using it for something impractical. He knows that wishing for something that is life-change never really ended up good in the end. It’s always worse than when it started. This is why Mr.Peters was smart with his wishes. This little example of foreshadowing is not the only one the author used. In the middle of the passage his wife that he wished for, was longing for her old life back. Mr.Peters knew she was not happy. The passage claims that one night he heard her cry, “Rhea! Rhea! I can’t understand what you say! Oh wait for me, take me with you!”(Leita pg 57) She cries to her missed sister who she can’t communicate with because she is a swan. Mr.Peters was the only one that could make her happy again. This shows foreshadowing because, the

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