Fort Monroe Essay

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Fort Monroe, Virginia, has been a major post of the U.S. Army for over 166 years. Fort Monroe is the largest stone fortication in the United States, moated and covering sixty-three acres and cost nearly two million dollars. It was the crown jewel of America’s defense and was built at a great expense following the British invasion during the War of 1812 and named after President James Monroe. Fort Monroe was a vital piece in America’s defense and history. Fort Monroe also known as “Freedom’s Fortress” is located near Hampton, VA. Which was at that time a small pretty village on the water’s edge. In 1860 the town and surrounding county had about 3,100 whites, 2,400 enslaved persons, and 200 free persons of color. It was designed by Simon Bernard, it was at one time aide de camp to Napoleon Bonaparte and was completed by 2nd Lt. Robert E. Lee from 1831-1834.This citadel was erected at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on a 565-acre peninsula that was carved by the James river and York rivers known as Old Point Comfort. Within the moated walls of the fort, a large parade ground is bordered by buildings and a striking collection of mature oak trees . One particular Tree at Fort Monroe, known as the Algernourne Oak, is estimated to be nearly 500 years old. These trees are witnesses to events that shaped both our nation and millions of individuals’ lives: Old Point Comfort saw critical events that led to both the beginning of slavery in England’s American Colonies and the end of

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