Fossil Lagerstätten

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A Fossil-Lagerstätten is an undisturbed fossil accumulation in which fossils are exceptionally preserved. There are two types of fossil lagerstätten: Concentration Lagerstätten (Konzentrat-Lagerstätten) and Conservation Lagerstätten (Konservat-Lagerstätten). Concentration Lagerstätten are deposits of an immense number of preserved fossils, whereas Conservation Lagerstätten are the preservation of fossils in terms of quality rather than quantity (Nudds and Selden, 2008). There might be few fossils in the rock strata, however, the preservation of these are exemplary. There are many outcropping areas on Earth in which fossils are preserved like this. One example of a group of strata that has retained fossils in this way is the Crato Formation.


The Crato formation, Brazil, is a geological rock formation …show more content…

(2016), the Araripe group would belong to the Aptian-Albian Stages in the Lower Cretaceous Period.
The Crato Formation lithologies were most likely deposited when there was a marine transgression; which is what the Cretaceous period is renowned for (Hu et al. 2012). The build-up of laminated limestones and different lithologies in the stratigraphic column could suggest that it was a lagoon depositional environment (Martill and Frey, 1998).
Fossil Assemblage
The most prominent fossils in the Crato Formation are the insects that are preserved. One example of an insect that has been recently found is the Araripenymphes seldeni (as seen in figure 3), an extinct species of lacewing (Myskowiak et al., 2016). The taphonomic classification of A.seldini is: Nymphidae Family Neuroptera Order, and Insecta Class (Myskowiak et al., 2016). This particular species shows sexual dimorphism, a difference in characteristics beyond the sexual organs (Clarkson, 1998). In particular, differences in the wing colouration and wing lengths (Myskowiak et al.,

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