Four Causes Of Aristotle

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In ‘Physics’ Aristotle analyzes nature and explains how we understand it. He thinks it is important to perceive the world and think about it in a methodical way (Lecture Notes). Aristotle thinks change is a serious topic and explains how things come to be. Aristotle wants people to understand his point of view on change. In one of the books, Aristotle defines and proves his point why he believes change needs to undergo certain requirements. Hylomorphism is the substance of being composed of two aspects matter and form (Lecture Notes). To be able to describe nature you need to understand the concept that it is hylomorphism (Lecture Notes). In this paper, I will address the four causes of Aristotle and demonstrate two examples. In the Physics, Aristotle developed a theory of four causes. These four causes are shown in a way that explains how something comes to change. With that said, the four causes he explained are material cause, formal cause, efficient cause, and final cause. Initially, every cause is an important factor that leads to change. The first cause is formal cause, and this cause is the structure of an object or what an object is made of (Lecture Notes). As mentioned in Physics book II, nature thing are things that are natural: for example, animals and their parts, plants, and simple bodies (192b). This explains how a certain thing is simply defining the structure. They all need to have a place of stability and are allowed to change naturally and are not

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