Four Characteristics Of Living Like Weasels By Annie Dillard

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1. In Annie Dillard publishes “Living like Weasels” in six different sections, but these section primarily fall into four main divisions. Paragraphs one and two speak about the nature of weasels in order to familiarize the reader with the animal. Weasels are seen as vicious animals. The weasel stalks their prey, bites them in the neck cutting their jugular vein or crunching the prey's skull. Dillard tells a story of a man named Ernest Thompson Seton who shot an eagle and found the dry skull of a weasel. It is most likely that the eagle went to attack the weasel and the weasel swiveled around and bit the eagle. Annie Dillard uses this as an example to show the characteristics of weasels. In paragraphs three through seven Annie Dillard …show more content…

People can live any way they want. It is essential people find their calling and thing that makes them feel most alive and focus their attention on that. People need to grasp to the one necessity and hold on to that at all costs.

2. Annie Dillard created a relationship between each of the segments of “Living Like Weasels”. The relationship between the segments is chronological. In the first two segments Dillard introduces the behavior of the weasel and the small town she lives in. Dillard sets up the scenario in which she encountered a weasel in the wild. In sections two and three Annie Dillard tells the story of when she first saw the weasel. She emphasizes is the intensity of the weasel and her eye contact. The eye contact makes her think more in depth about the weasel what kind of animal they are. Then in section three and four Dillard describes how humans should be like weasels. Weasels live mindlessly and do not waste their time on unimportant things. Rather they focus themselves on one necessity and pursue that necessity at all costs. Annie Dillard’s “Living Like Weasels” flows chronologically. The paper starts by describing weasels, then Dillard talks about her encounter with a weasel and how it occurred, and finally she talks about why people should use weasels as an example of how to live.

3. Annie Dillard arranged her essay in chronological order so the story would flow well and be easily understood. If Dillard

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