Four Drivers Research Paper

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Flying off of a four wheeler, through the dusty Barrow air, was a 16 year old praying he wouldn’t get hurt from his four wheeler crash. During the summer of 2016, I used the four wheeler to have fun, go from place to place, and hang out with friends. Throughout the time that I was in Barrow during the summer, I used a four wheeler as my transportation because I don’t have a license to drive a car and the DMV is always closed because no DMV workers will come to Barrow to work. Many people in Barrow drive four wheelers because there aren’t any paved roads here so you’re able to drive on any of the roads in Barrow. There aren’t any paved roads in Barrow because most of the people that live here would think that it would crack from the cold weather or maybe even from the permafrost all under the ground all over Barrow. A four wheeler is a lot of people’s transportation in Barrow for many different reasons, but my reasons are because I can’t drive a car since I don’t have a driver’s license because the DMV hasn’t been open here in a very long time due to not having any workers. Driving a four wheeler can also save you a lot of money on gas compared to a car because the gas in Barrow costs $6.50 a gallon. You can save money on gas driving a four wheeler rather than a car because the total cost is a lot different, and it uses a lot …show more content…

In any and everything you do, you should also be safe or do things safer to have a less chance of getting hurt or seriously injured. The next time you aren’t driving safe, or doing anything safe you should remember that tomorrow isnt promised so you shouldn’t be taking your life for granted. Although you should live life safe, you should still continue to live your life to the fullest considering that “tomorrow isn’t

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