Four Main Types Of Crime In The Criminal Justice System

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There are four main types of crime in the criminal justice system; crimes against the person, crimes against property, crimes against the state and other (such as petty/street crimes. In this section, four different types of crime will be explored; hate crime, honour crime, domestic violence/abuse and white collar crime.
Hate crime is legally defined to be “any criminal offence perceived by the victim/a witness to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on the victim's (perceived) sexuality, gender, race religion or disability” The typical punishment for these crimes is dependent upon the severity of the crime committed. Hate crime statistics saw a 60% increase in the months after Brexit.
On the 21st of June 2017, Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Mukhtar were victims of a hate crime that was motivated by race. The attack itself was and acid attack and, as a result of this attack, both victims have been left with physical injuries and scarring as well as the lasting trauma, a result of both the attack and their scarring and injuries.
Honour crime is legally defined as “a crime or violent act which has or may have been committed to protect or defend the family or community’s honour”. The typical sentencing for an honour killing is 25 years to life in prison. On average, there is an estimated 2,750 honour killings. Most of the victims are female.
On the 11th of September 2003, Shafilea Ahmed, aged 17, was killed by her parents to defend the family’s honour. Shafilea was

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