Four Noble Religions

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Kenneth West

December 9, 2017

Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path

Buddhism was different from other religions because it taught that liberation can be obtained from suffering. This was based on our own lives and efforts. Stated in the book, “Living Religions”, “The Buddha taught that by understanding how we create suffering for ourselves we can become free” (Fisher 137). This was based on one's own involvement and effort to want happiness. This religion has been spread throughout Asia and India because of these teachings, this religion became more popular throughout the countries. For some people this religion was a way of life. After these teachings were spread throughout the countries, it had developed and picked up other traditions. Buddhism is known as a non theistic religion, which the traditions are built from other religions. Shakyamuni Buddha was the founder of Buddhism, he was not a God. Buddha was an historical figure, the stories that have been told have been passed on over time and not documented. His teachings were not written down and documented until many years later after his death. The only way these were remembered and can be trusted is because they were chanted by monks.

The Buddha had came up with Four Noble Truths to be his foundation to his teachings on obtaining liberation and being free. The first Noble Truth was “Life inevitably involves suffering, dissatisfaction, and distress”. This is about how

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