Fourth Crusade Effects

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The Fourth crusade was a lot about money and excuses to kill. It was a turning point in history because it made the catholic church more known and it grew more wealthy. After the Crusades the monarchs began to grow more and started to end feudalism. . The most important effects was the increasing trade of Europe and Asia heir was also a banking system to transfer funds for troops and others. distress Of Europeans. From the Spanish shutting out the Muslims they started to weaken. The Crusades where important in history and where gruesome but where important for many ideas in history. The fourth crusade was brutal for money.

The Beginning, The Start of the Fourth Crusades Consisted of the merchants of Venice supporting with their amounts of wealth to kill the merchants of Constantinople to eliminate their commercial opponents. The crusade wasn't very popular because of the Pope put a ban on killing other Christians by saying it was wrong. The Ban didn't really work because the merchants and others raided Constantinople and killed thousands of people The way that the Italian merchants convened people to join in on this crusade by using their money and using people to kill the Constantinople merchants …show more content…

The Muslim and Jewish people began to weaken in strength because the Spanish shut them out of their kingdom due to thinking they where infidels. The catholic church grew in wealth making it a known church today and keeping it around for a while. The Banking system was made to transfer funds to troops for them to be able to send money to their families and have money to support them self. After the fourth crusades their was an increase in trade with Asia and Europe. Along with millions of deaths of the soldiers that participated in the crusades witch caused moral to fall in Europe and in the families that participated in the

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