Fourth through Seventh Grade

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I’ll start this paper with my fourth grade years. Then into my fifth grade years. Next, to my sixth grade. Finally, to seventh grade year. These four years of my life have been a blast and now I get to share this awesomeness with you! All these memories are never going to leave me and just know that what I tell today is what makes me. Now let’s begin… The beginning of fourth grade was a simple year. Had friends, was school treasurer of the entire Jefferson elementary, and had three great friends. My main teacher was Mrs. Paris, a teacher that got me into shape. No, I wasn’t fat or anything, it’s just that I had a chatty mouth and always got into trouble. As a role model to the school I had to behave better and Mrs. Paris made me. My two other teachers were Mr. Jones and Mr. McCloud. Mr. Jones was my third grade teachers husband and Mr. McCloud was my best friends dad. Yes, it’s as weird as it sound. Nobody ever wanted to start drama or get Hannah McCloud mad or else… Good thing I stayed on her good side throughout the years but I think it also helped because we both went to the same after school program when we were younger. For the rest of my fourth grade I stayed caughted up in my school work, hung out with friends, and lived happily ever after! Until Mom told me we were moving to Missouri. Why so far, you ask? You see Mom got engaged to this guy named Jake Bass and he got transferred all the way to Missouri. The reason he said yes to the whole transferring was because

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